Vectorized Shape Presentation from DCS Meeting

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This is indeed much more elegant and efficient (well, it's not yet converted to VCA records format stylistically, but in concept). Not sure it's a good idea to assume, by definition, that both sides will be mirrored always (and I see no theoretical issue with adding to the new label a side field), but beyond that it seems good.

But... the only problem it solves is the amount of values (radii and possibly angles) transferred in TRCFMT (the other listed problem of generating splines is the same problem. Not necessary at all to do anything beyond straight lines when there are enough of them) .

Which is... not a problem, I'd think. Why is that a practical issue, that requires modifying the standard with a new label and format? Storage space, and communication time, are negligible even for an exceedingly high amount of points/radii.

If it was all starting today, this seems better than how TRCFMT does it, and I like it more and appreciate the elegance. But since TRCFMT already exists...

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