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REQ=INF and "Model ID"

Yaron [LaserOp]



We added support to REQ=INF reports on our machines a long while ago. And recently due to a talk with a lab I've taken a look at our implementation, and noticed that for some reason we were sending MODEL to the Host. Which seemed a little odd, it doesn't really make sense to me for it to be there, and it doesn't make sens to me anywhere without DEV and maybe VEN records.

So I've checked the VCA DCS document and and section states "The INF request type will contain only request type, job, status, and (optionally) CRC and model ID records." .

This is the same for v3.13 draft 30 PDF, which is the most recent VCA DCS document I have, section 7.3.5 on page  92 (by TOC) / 95 ("physical"), and for 3.06 (earliest I think I have) section 6.3.6 on page 44 (TOC) / 50 (Physical).

Looking for "model ID" I see it mentioned just a few other times in the document, but always for MODEL (i.e. in a section grouped with what are or should be DEV and VEN). Even though in other places MODEL is just referred to as "model" or "machine model" (which is also how it's called in its definition).

I'm pretty certain that the intent here was to specify MID (which we sent as well, despite that "only", since it was usable by Hosts we worked with), not MODEL. Which makes even more sense considering MID is explicitly stated to be optional on requests, similar to CRC.


Is this indeed a typo/mistake in the DCS, and this should be MID? I should stop sending MODEL, and the DCS should be corrected for the next 3.13 version?

Or am I understanding this correctly, MODEL should be here? In this case, can you please explain why?

Also, how important is that "only"? This specific interaction started after seeing a communication sample to a Host from a fairly serious vendor where the sample didn't include MID, but did include both VEN and MODEL. Beyond probably being superfluous, is this "wrong"?


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