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During the LPDS Committee meeting (and the DCS meeting) an issue was brought up surrounding parameters and allowing the LDS to specify that parameters should not be filled with defaults. The specific example discussed was that when POW values are sent to the LDS these are sometimes filled by one of the systems between the patient and the LDS (LMS, PMS etc).

Ideally this should not happen and it would be beneficial for the LDS to specify this. This issue could be handled by adding a field to the parameter object which specifies that the parameter can not have defaults applied. Alternatively a field could be added which specifies the source of the data (ie Patient) which implies it cant be filled at any other point in the system (this option would be my preference).

Any further discussion or comments would be appreciated.

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Shamir also prefer option number 2 with some notes:

Add field to LDS file that indicate if we receive measurment value or defaultr value.

Shamir, as a vendor, should have an option to send this default value to LMS systems by LPDS protocol.

As i see it we have an impact on 2 protocols:

1. LPDS - set default value for some of parameters.

2. DCS - add fiels or flag that indicate the type of the value (measured or default)

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