Product definition after 2019-02-26 Working Session

Steve Shanbaum

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I've updated the working definition, which is still using the same file location as before.

I've modified it so that some of the naming is more consistent now.  

  • A reference to a list of other items defined elsewhere in the document has a name ending with "IDs"
  • A reference to a single item defined elsewhere in the document has a name ending in "ID"
  • The Owner value has been removed from each object, given that the ID now incorporates the owner.  
  • Alphabetized fields, to make tracking down missing ones easier (Though I stopped doing Blanks after the first few).
  • Changed the way treatments were included in the Characteristic Family to match how it was done at the product level, with using specific lists indicating requirements such as "Required Treatment IDs"


I've also included a diagram of that JSON structure.  

  • Each box has three sections that are delimited by a horizontal line
    • The first section indicates the name of the node.  If there is more than one line in that top section, it indicates a child object of the parent.
    • The second section is for values that are either the object's ID, or references to another objects ID
    • The third section is for values that are not foreign keys, and are informational about that particular object.  
  • I think adding all the lines that would point to Parameters and Treatments would make the document a lot more difficult to read, so I've left those out.  But, a name that has "* Parameter ID(s)" or "* Treatment ID(s)" will indeed be referencing objects in those appropriate nodes.  


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Hi Steve,

We have updated the Zeiss complete example to use the changes you have made above, excluding alphabetical ordering of fields.

This example is larger than required for the working document but can provide a second reference. It can be found though the following link:

Updated Example - Google Docs (I recommend turning print layout off when viewing the document)

I have also added some suggested changes to better map fields in Blanks to their respective DCS fields:

  • Base -> MBASE
  • Addition -> ADD
  • Front Radius -> FRNT
  • Back Radius -> BACK


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