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Connectivity Issues through PuTTY terminal

Michael Vitale


Artiom has asked this question and needs some assistance.

"I have downloaded and installed DCS Simulator and I’m trying to communicate with it through PuTTY terminal.

I successfully connected to the simulator and it receives the chars I’m typing but no matter what I’m typing I receive the message “Unexpected character <ascii code> received”.

Can you guide me what should I configure on my terminal to make the simulator understand me?" 


Artiom O.

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I answered Artiom with more info and suggestions on the other thread, that he opened and also added a screenshot of the attempted connection showing the data sent and what the DCS Simulator received, in the other forum ("DCS Discussions").

Not much advantage to having this going in two places, I'm adding here a link to the other original discussion if anyone sees this here and wants to follow, but if as an admin/mod you have a better way to merge these (or just remove this thread if nobody is following it specifically? Are there people who follow the Q&A forum and not the Discussions forum?), then probably a good idea to do so.

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