Vision Expo West 2018 Agenda


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Hello LPDS committee members and industry professionals,

It is my understanding that the working group is making good progress and several participants are testing the latest structure by trying to define one of their products. We will receive an update from Tony LeBlanc during our meeting so please plan to attend.

Is there any needs from the community or items which should be added to our agenda for September 25th meeting? Currently we are scheduled to meet in Sands 401 from 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM.

Look forward to seeing all you there.

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I don't know how helpful or relevant it would be, but since we have hinted at TVC hosting the lens data at some point it might be helpful to start specifying how that system might work.  It will at least enable us (TVC) to start examining our infrastructure to see what would be needed to support such a platform.  Perhaps an open discussion around that?

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