Proposition to add the tags S1 and S2 for both principal optical meridians (x, LDx, TOLVx, INSx, TOLx, CKx)

Gauthier Collienne

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According to the ISO-8980-1/2 standard (Ophthalmic optics — Uncut finished spectacle lenses)both principal power meridians must be controlled at the primary reference point. Because the DCS is used worldwide in the ophalimic industry, I would like to propose to add the tags S1 and S2 in the DCS document.

As there are measurable values, it makes sens to create these tags with the LD*, TOLV*, INS*, TOL* and CK* tags. 

So, for the lower principal power meridian, we have:

  • S1 => prescribed value
  • LDS1 =>designed value
  • TOLVS1 =>tolerance values
  • INSS1 =>inspected value
  • TOLS1 => result of the tolerance test
  • CKS1=>activation of the control

And fo the highest principal power meridian, we have

  • S2 => prescribed value
  • LDS2 =>designed value
  • TOLVS2 =>tolerance values
  • INSS2 =>inspected value
  • TOLS2 => result of the tolerance test
  • CKS2=>activation of the control

note : This topics was discussed shortly during the last DCS meeting in september 2023.

Gauthier Collienne - Automation & Robotics

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