The Vision Council announces the Lens Product Description Standard version 1.0

Steve Shanbaum

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Thank you all for all your work over the years to get this standard over the line!  As noted in Vision Monday here:

The Vision Council has officially announced the release of the LPDS, available on their site here;

With the public release, I expect more feedback, questions, and concerns about the use of the standard.  This forum remains the primary location for discussing the standard in between our meetings, so please don't hesitate to sign up and post your thoughts.  Thank you

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The next step is that we had Zeiss and IOT volunteer to provide an example product in the LPDS format, covering a conventional lens product and a freeform design (respectively).   I don't expect there to be a quick transition, and indeed, a lot of folks will continue to use the LDS if it had traditionally met their needs, but there are some types of products that simply can't be described in that format.  We also are going to be working on a specification for a hosted utility/solution that the Vision Council can offer which could assist with the transition, and will have that spec prior to the next meeting.  

The Vision Council press release/email blast and following Vision Monday media release should hopefully get to the right companies, as well as the announcement at the Lens, Lab, and LPT Division meeting at Vision Expo.  

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