Product definition after 2018-07-19 Working Session

Steve Shanbaum

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I took the CZV example and modified it to apply the changes we discussed during the working session. 


  • Having materials appear once with treatments owning the lenses used
  • Adding processing parameter collections
  • Having treatment reference IDs in three arrays to indicate Inherent/Required/Excluded treatments
  • Moving the mandatory flag on the processing parameter to instead be implied in the name of the array the processing parameter appears in
  • Including an example of region exclusivity, with a region override.

The document should be valid JSON at this point - I changed the comments to a JSON-acceptable format, so that it would pass through jsonlint.  

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Thanks Steve, It seems you have done my portion of this latest example for me.

The only change I would make is that the final treatment combination (commented with "Unknown puck set polycarbonate") was intended for when a lab is producing this product from an unknown blank set. As such in my original example it intentionally had no blank set listed, the processing parameters listed are the DCS fields we require to specify the blank geometry to be used in the calculation.

This combination would appear as follows:

    "_comment1": "Unknown puck set polycarbonate",
    "TreatmentTypesRequired": ["HC"],
    "Mandatory Processing Parameter Collection": ["PPC1"],
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