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Encrypted Surface Definition Datasets through files?

Thomas Zangerle


In the context of the development of a secure but simple way to transmit surface definition information from an LDS to a device, I'm trying to understand the paragraphs and 5.9.7 of the DCS 3.11. More specifically, I'm trying to understand if there is a standardized way for the LDS to include an encrypted surface definition dataset in a SDF file. 

Could you confirm if the following mechanism would be compliant with the DCS standard?

  • An encrypted surface definition dataset could be transmitted through a SDF file.
  • The LDS would specify the path of this surface file in the multi-form LDPATH information sent to the LMS using an integer  and mentionning an LDCRYPT that would include the same integer and the value 1 (user-defined encryption).
  • The encryption method would be agreed upon the LDS and the device vendor.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!



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