Lens Blank Groups

Steve Shanbaum

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What was throwing me on the blank families discussion was that I had planned a similarly named element, but for a different purpose.  The blank group I'd envisioned would hold the elements common to a collection of blanks, such as the material, class (semifinished/finished), and possibly other features like Intrinsic Treatments.   But, I do understand the goal of this other blank group now.  Maybe it would be good to have both?  A shared-characteristic grouping, as well as a product-availability grouping?


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Steve, I agree with with you. if we can get an agreement on blank group category it will be great. Typically I have seen what you describe: Material Index / SF vs SL / Surface Coating Attributes (No Coat/ HC / AR) / Phototropic characteristic (clear/photo-trans/polarized) / color....One thing to consider will be some of the tint/sun color also....I believe some of the existing tables on different LMS can be a good start.....

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