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Special Groove Rimless OMA File


I'm posting this question on behalf of David Laing at Silhouette:

We have a new collection coming in April that is a drilled rimless with a groove to hold a decorative element and we need special groove width and depth.  An example of the current OMA file for this special rimless collection is below.  As you can see, it has groove specified in ETYP but has no groove dimensions.    

1.  I was wondering if you had an example of where GDEPTH and GWIDTH values would be placed in the OMA file?  

2.  Is there any other data we should include to have a better end result? 


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I would think GDEPTH and GWIDTH should be able to be specified anywhere in the file, following the REQ line, and respecting the TRCFMT/R block of data.  If this frame is both a drill rimless and a groove frame, it could include drill point data as well.

Would it be beneficial to have another ETYP which would indicate a frame has both drill and groove properties?  (I wonder if all systems would recognize DRILLE data for a frame with ETYP=3, for example)?


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