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  1. Attached sample of Shamir product base chart. As you can see for some of the Sphere power we have some bases that we can produce but only one of them is the primary. e.g.: for SPH=-2.00 the primary base is 3.00 and the secundary are base 4.00 and 5.00. I will be happy to add more information if its not clear. Autograph III 18 - HI Polar Brown.pdf
  2. Shamir also prefer option number 2 with some notes: Add field to LDS file that indicate if we receive measurment value or defaultr value. Shamir, as a vendor, should have an option to send this default value to LMS systems by LPDS protocol. As i see it we have an impact on 2 protocols: 1. LPDS - set default value for some of parameters. 2. DCS - add fiels or flag that indicate the type of the value (measured or default)