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  1. Paul, this looks good. Section 5.2 will need to have the latest list pulled.
  2. Thanks Paul. Thanks again for everyone's efforts!
  3. To the entire LPDS Committee, thank you for all your efforts. This is looking really good. Consensus standards are very important for our industry and this is an excellent representative of the great work that you all do! 3.1 - JSON format - Us JSON the proper format to use for this standard and do we believe all manufacturers will have the technical expertise to write this in JSON? They have historically used a csv format for the LDS and this may be very cumbersome for them. 5.1 - Remove the highlight on Violet 5.2 - Abbreviation List - Did we pull the most resent abbreviation list for this? 5.4 - Materials - How are the LMS systems addressing Trivex? (OP?) We should not have a brand name in there but we may want to find an abbreviation for a 1.530 index lens? 5.5 - Design Styles - We still have progressive lens as a design style. I suggest we also have next to it (power variation) as this is the term that ISO uses and ANSI will have in its upcoming revision. This would also be the same term used for "degressive, office, power boost, etc". Maybe the lens manufacturers could chime in here? 6.1 - Describing Compressed Base Curve Charts - the current wording in the second paragraph is; "The following bottom fragment of a base curve chart is for a known add power, power, with the vertical axis representing the prescription sphere power and the horizontal axis representing the prescription cylinder power." Is the area I have changed the text color correct?
  4. I like the new formatting of the changes from version to version and agree with the current changes proposed.
  5. Very interesting question Daniel. I can tell you that we are a member driven company and work on behalf of our members. We took the first step 1.5 years ago with hiring Paul. Paul's IT expertise has been a valuable asset to us even in the short time he has been here. We are currently taking steps to hire a Director of IT. A person that can help steer us in the right direction and not just support our current systems. Once this is done and then through our committee / members voices, inform that person of our needs, get by off from the board for the needed expenditures, we should be able to meet these requirements. I hope this helps clear the muddy water we are wading in? (pun intended)