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  1. We are running into an issue where a customer uses a conveyor belt in the lab. As there isn't a device type specific for conveyor belts, they've been defining it as "DNL" for a generic download device. For generic download devices, we don't currently go through much job logic based on breakage situations, position in process, etc. It is by definition generic and could be at any part of the lab process. However, this means that the conveyor belt might receive "DO=B" when there is a breakage in the process and should instead be receiving "DO=L", for example. Is there a benefit to define a device type abbreviation in the DCS for conveyors? Do others have examples where a conveyor might be treated differently from a generic download device? I'd like to propose a device type abbreviation like "CVY" for a conveyor belt to be added to the standard.
  2. I voted Yes. The only lines that I have experienced so far that exceeded 80 characters were XSTATUS coming from a device to our LMS. I don't believe that we are breaking anything with this new extension. I don't think anyone will start sending 255 character LTYPEs immediately with this new standard version. I think we are merely allowing for newer fields - which existing systems and machines won't be able to handle yet, anyway - to send up to this new limit of characters.