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  1. Lens Blank Groups

    What was throwing me on the blank families discussion was that I had planned a similarly named element, but for a different purpose. The blank group I'd envisioned would hold the elements common to a collection of blanks, such as the material, class (semifinished/finished), and possibly other features like Intrinsic Treatments. But, I do understand the goal of this other blank group now. Maybe it would be good to have both? A shared-characteristic grouping, as well as a product-availability grouping?
  2. LPDS Lens Catalogue

    Prior file got sent to the cornfield. LPDS v1.0.json
  3. LPDS Lens Catalogue

    That'd be great - I know I'd like to work on that. I started to hash something up while we were at the meeting (this attachment), but any starting point on the actual layout would be good at this point. LPDS v1.0.json