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  1. During the LPDS Committee meeting (and the DCS meeting) an issue was brought up surrounding parameters and allowing the LDS to specify that parameters should not be filled with defaults. The specific example discussed was that when POW values are sent to the LDS these are sometimes filled by one of the systems between the patient and the LDS (LMS, PMS etc). Ideally this should not happen and it would be beneficial for the LDS to specify this. This issue could be handled by adding a field to the parameter object which specifies that the parameter can not have defaults applied. Alternatively a field could be added which specifies the source of the data (ie Patient) which implies it cant be filled at any other point in the system (this option would be my preference). Any further discussion or comments would be appreciated.
  2. I also added the DCS fields for polarized film details into the Blank; PLRCRV & PLRLOC
  3. Hi Steve, We have updated the Zeiss complete example to use the changes you have made above, excluding alphabetical ordering of fields. This example is larger than required for the working document but can provide a second reference. It can be found though the following link: Updated Example - Google Docs (I recommend turning print layout off when viewing the document) I have also added some suggested changes to better map fields in Blanks to their respective DCS fields: Base -> MBASE Addition -> ADD Front Radius -> FRNT Back Radius -> BACK
  4. Thanks Steve, It seems you have done my portion of this latest example for me. The only change I would make is that the final treatment combination (commented with "Unknown puck set polycarbonate") was intended for when a lab is producing this product from an unknown blank set. As such in my original example it intentionally had no blank set listed, the processing parameters listed are the DCS fields we require to specify the blank geometry to be used in the calculation. This combination would appear as follows: { "_comment1": "Unknown puck set polycarbonate", "TreatmentTypesRequired": ["HC"], "Mandatory Processing Parameter Collection": ["PPC1"], }
  5. Regarding the points mentioned: 1) The first two material combinations are listed separately as the first is a hard coated clear product and the second is a hard coated photochromic product. The photochromic product has a different range on the sphere processing parameter. 2) The processing parameters chosen were primarily for illustration. I imaged the optional tag on the processing parameter to indicate if it must be included, ie optional=true implies it doesn't have to be provided in the LDS packet whereas optional=false implies it must be provided. 3) This is worth discussing in our meeting. Perhaps just the limits for each variation would be better to reduce duplication, though this would add complexity when no variations are offered (trade off). 4) Both treatments apply to both blank sets. The different between BLNK01 and BLNK02 is that the BLNK02 is wide version blank set of the same material treatment combination. Hope this helps