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  1. Hello Paul, Thank you for contributing to the discussion. I am sure that all of our members will be concerned with the security and access capability should TVC take on this type of responsibility. Would you be willing to prepare a short synopsis of TVC's current capability for this type of thing?
  2. Hello LPDS committee members and industry professionals, It is my understanding that the working group is making good progress and several participants are testing the latest structure by trying to define one of their products. We will receive an update from Tony LeBlanc during our meeting so please plan to attend. Is there any needs from the community or items which should be added to our agenda for September 25th meeting? Currently we are scheduled to meet in Sands 401 from 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM. Look forward to seeing all you there.
  3. Hello everyone, I believe that I have have initiated individual conversations with many of the LMS vendors regarding the topic of OPCs for digital designs. With Semi-Finished progressive lenses it made sense to have an OPC for each eye but I am curious if this logic still holds true today. I am sure to over-simplify this and get reprimanded by the smarter members but it seems that digital design products would need only a singular OPC that represents the specific design for reporting purposes and not a singular OPC for each eye. What other uses/scenarios require two OPCs for a job containing a right and left lens of a digital design product. Thanks for not being too harsh :-)
  4. Hello Joe, Thanks for being engaged and posting a reply, we seem to be in agreement. Would you please provide more detail regarding your definitions of "hard core content"?
  5. Hello everyone, As you know, Paul and Mike are working hard organizing and planning the schedule and rooms for the VC meetings at VEE. We currently have four hours scheduled for the LPDS Meeting on Wednesday, March 14th. Steve and I feel that two hours should be a sufficient amount of time to update the group on progress made by the working group. Thank you Tony LeBlanc for leading that effort, you are doing a great job and we appreciate it! The "new business" list for LDS and LPDS is small at the moment so I am seeking everyone's opinion. Two hours or four? Thanks.
  6. I too like the new formatting. I also like the "callout by highlighting", this allows much quicker review.
  7. Michael, Has there been any progress by the TVC in hiring the IT Manager? I may have missed the press release.
  8. Here is the submission from Christophe Lafay and his team. Posted with his approval. ProductDefinitionDraft.xml
  9. Hello Marcos and group, I am attaching the materials provided by Zeiss which we referenced during the VEW 2017 meeting. I want to acquire permission before I post the Essilor materials. Base selection charts Document.pdf BaseCharts Presentation.pdf LPDS Catalogue Working Draft Submission for input. Sep 12, 2017pdf.pdf
  10. What, if anything, can LPDS do to pursue Industry 4.0 Standardization for the Ophthalmic industry?
  11. Hello, As technology moves forward and significant advances are made, how will TVC setup an IT infrastructure to be used for the housing of critical data need by members while remaining neutral and protecting IP simultaneously?