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  1. The presentation attached proposes a way of more efficiently communicating range chart data rather than a list of each combination or simple array. The second file is a more detailed version of the presentation. Please review and provide feedback, suggestions or alternatives. One observation raised at the meeting was that there might be a more efficient way to define boundaries rather than the use of in between 025 steps (for example -262cyl) referring to a numerically irrelevant base curve (1000D). Base Selection Communication Detailed Description.pdf Base Charts Communication Presentation.pdf
  2. I think that the VC should be hosting common resources for the industry. Anything that facilitates common platforms and approaches to the benefit of all. We had discussed hosting the LPDS catalogue. This makes sense where a common framework is provided and the content is populated by design and lens vendors to be used by all systems requiring that information to deliver products to the consumer. This would speed the innovation cycle and reduce the requirement for duplicating effort in different formats to satisfy different systems.
  3. Once we get the minutes out it would be good to start a working group on the lens catalogue. We have the prioritized categories so we need to propose definitions, input type, acceptable valves ranges and possible defaults.