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  1. 2018 VEE LPDS Meeting

    Can we do two hours of hard core content and then maybe 30 minutes to an hour of open discussion? Just a thought....
  2. Special Groove Rimless OMA File

    Could this be another good example to expand or enhance PROC?
  3. Lens Blank Groups

    We should also consider the various new "blue" technologies that is coming out and the impact that it's is having on product setups for various systems. Having a standard could help all upstream and downstream technologies.
  4. What is the future for IT infrastructure at TVC

    Has there been any further discussion regarding this point? I like the idea of having TVC use its neutrality to speed up processes and innovation for the industry as a whole.
  5. Lens Description Standard 2.2

    Nicely done and I like the new format. It is definitely easier to find the new additions/changes.