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  1. Here is the current draft of the DCS. Change tracking has been turned on in this document. DCS v3.12_NEW Working_5.docx
  2. The agenda for the meeting at VEE 2018 has been posted here:
  3. The agenda for the VEE 2018 meeting has been posted here:
  4. Greetings Colleagues, We are soliciting input from the committee members regarding topics for discussion at VEE. Please reply to this post with a list of items you would like included on the agenda. Thanks! Paul
  5. Here is a link to the audio recording by Daniel during our last call.
  6. I'm posting this question on behalf of David Laing at Silhouette: We have a new collection coming in April that is a drilled rimless with a groove to hold a decorative element and we need special groove width and depth. An example of the current OMA file for this special rimless collection is below. As you can see, it has groove specified in ETYP but has no groove dimensions. 1. I was wondering if you had an example of where GDEPTH and GWIDTH values would be placed in the OMA file? 2. Is there any other data we should include to have a better end result?
  7. The poll has been closed. The new version was approved.
  8. Attached to this post please find version 2.2 of the Lens Description Standard. After review, please vote accordingly and be sure to post any comments below. From Mike Vitale: The only changes that have been made are listed below. I have highlighted the changes made on page 3. 10 and 27 of the document. Category Literal Abbreviation Filter High Energy Visible HEV Color Violet VIOn In addition I revised the revision paragraph (1.3) to more clearly identify changes in each version since 2.0. This mirrors what we've started doing with the Data Communications Standard. THE DOCUMENT IS LINKED BELOW TVC Lens Description Standard 2.2 Draft_pw.pdf
  9. This is a recording of our web meeting from 12/7/17. Conclusion: We will build the outline based on the combined UML diagram provided by CZV and edited by Essilor. I will update the document on Google Drive with the appropriate changes and the group will reconvene after the holidays.
  10. Hi Everyone, The minutes of the most recent working group have been uploaded to Google Drive: Special thanks to Sebastien Piraube for putting these together. Thanks-P P.S. If you guys would prefer documents like this be uploaded as attachments on the forum instead of put on Google Drive please let me know. I have no preference.
  11. until
    Dear Colleagues, This is the date the majority said was acceptable. I realize some of you indicated you could not attend on this day but I’ve included you just in case. Additional information will be forthcoming. NOTE: Please be sure you have registered for the forums. The majority of information will be shared via the forums. Daniel Simonetta has recently posted some items from our meeting at VEW 2017. Best Regards, Paul Meeting Details LPDS Working Group Tue, Oct 31, 2017 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 (646) 749-3131 Access Code: 356-811-141 First GoToMeeting? Let's do a quick system check:
  12. Hi Yaron, Your feedback regarding the revision history section is noted and the section with appropriate annotations will be added to the document prior to the next round of review. The current round of review, intended to identify inadvertent errors that may have been introduced during the reformatting process, is approximately 0% complete.
  13. Hi Yaron, Yes, there are literally thousands of changes (over 7,000) and the vast majority (6,000 or so) are simply formatting. No content changes were intended other than corrections to existing issues (paragraph numbering corrections, typos, etc.). There may have been a couple of very small changes that inadvertently have been added already but once we finish this review will get listed in the revision area like normal. There will not be a list of these formatting changes or corrections since it's simply not practical. Once we have a good document for editing again we will proceed with actual content changes as normal. This was the decision of the group at VEW. It is also not possible to provide a Word document comparison review just in case that is the next question. Word cannot properly handle the number of changes and it can be very confusing trying to go through a compare when there are a lot of paragraph numbering changes as there are in this revision. I did that prior to turning this document over to the group to try and identify and correct the most egregious of mistakes. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this process. It's definitely fluid at the moment since we've never attempted a review of this scale before.
  14. I've attached a copy of the presentations from Dennis Brandl given at VEW 2017. 2017-09-12 Two Hour ISA 95 Tutorial.pptx Dennis Brandl - OPC-UA and Deep Domain Knowledge.pptx
  15. Yes, they hired an I.T. director several months ago.
  16. An audio recording of the meeting that took place at Vision Expo West 2017 is available via Dropbox: Meeting Audio VEW 2017.MP3?dl=0
  17. An audio recording of the DCS meeting that took place at Vision Expo West 2017 is available via Dropbox: Meeting Audio VEW 2017.MP3?dl=0
  18. Hello Colleagues, As discussed at VEW 2017, please find attached the latest draft of the DCS document. Below is a list of topics from the table of contents. If you have completed a review or partial review of a section from the table of contents please let me know by replying to this topic. If there are items that need to be changed you can either email them to me and note that you have emailed them to me in your reply to this topic or you can put the changes right in your reply. As each section from the TOC is completely reviewed I will note it below so that section can be skipped by other reviewers. If you would like to take ownership of a specific section please let me know by replying to this topic and I will assign that section to you below so that others know it's already being worked on. If you have suggestions for changes or improvements to this review process please let me know. I'm eager to make this as painless and as efficient as possible. Thanks, Paul ==================== . 181 1 Scope 2 Normative Reference 3 Terms and definitions 3.1 General 3.2 Reserved characters 3.3 Data Types 3.4 Messages 3.5 Records 3.6 Sessions 3.7 Timeout 4 Overview 5 Requirements 5.1 Records 5.2 Reference point records 5.3 Generator records 5.4 Tracing datasets 5.5 Drilling Records 5.6 Side Drilling Records 5.7 Bevel Profiles 5.8 Shelf Datasets 5.9 Direct Surfacing Records 5.10 Cribbing and crib datasets 5.11 Surface Thickness datasets 5.12 Power Map Datasets 5.13 Weighting Matrix Datasets 5.14 Design Deviation Datasets 5.15 Marking Records 5.16 Device-Specific Records 5.17 PROC Records 5.18 TOKEN Records 5.19 Job Status Notification 5.20 Records with Multiple-Value Fields 5.21 Tolerance Records 5.22 Report Record 6 Packets 6.1 General 6.2 Deprecated Requirements 7 Sessions 7.1 General 7.2 Initialization sessions 7.3 Upload sessions 7.4 Download sessions 7.5 File-based information transfer 7.6 Command sessions 7.7 Lens Data Session 7.8 Communications 8 Other Requirements 8.1 Operator Messages 8.2 Host Requirement Annex A: Normative Record Labels A.1 Device records A.2 Interface records A.3 Preset packets A.4 Status codes A.5 Enhanced Status codes A.6 Process Control Records Annex B: (Informative) Packed Binary Format Example Annex C: (Informative) CRC Calculation Example Annex D: (Informative) Revision History DCS v3.12_NEW Working_3.docx
  19. until
    Lens Product Description Standard Meeting, agenda TBD
  20. until
    Lens Technical Committee Meeting, agenda TBD
  21. until
    Agenda TBD
  22. Please let us know what you think of these forums and if you have any suggestions for improvements or questions about how to use any features. For the Q&A topics, please be sure to read the posting guidelines.
  23. Please let us know what you think of these forums and if you have any suggestions for improvements or questions about how to use any features. For the Q&A topics, please be sure to read the posting guidelines.