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  1. Hi Nick, First, just to be clear, this is for the new standard still under development, not the existing LDS. The problem is that we do not have a standardized, universally unique way of identifying things outside of physical lenses. OPC's work for that and while expanding the use of OPC was discussed it's not really feasible for this purpose. So it's really about more than packages. No user of the standard would be forced to create packages in their LPDS catalogs but if they want to we would like to have a single ID methodology that can be applied to those as well. I think your last bullet is on point... I believe that is exactly what the group is trying to develop. Regards, Paul
  2. During the LPDS Committee meeting the working group presented their proposed implementation for concise base cure and range chart definitions. This proposal is outlined in this thread: During discussions at the meeting representatives from Shamir pointed out that this method does not allow the specification of an allowable base curve range for a specific power combination. The group requested this topic be started so further discussion could take place between now and our next meeting at Vision Expo West.
  3. Starter topic for discussion of product ID's to be used in LPDS to include identification of "packages" which may include lenses and various treatments. Please post your thoughts, questions, concerns, etc. If you have any specific proposals on the creation of product identifiers please feel free to share those as well.
  4. Agenda for our 2019 VEE meeting. 2019 VEE - DCS Agenda - FINAL.pdf
  6. Hi there. My name is Paul Wade and I'm a liaison for The Vision Council. I'd like to see if I can help you with this but it might be better if you contact me directly. You can email me at If you could include some more detail about the system you are trying to design I can try and provide you with some documentation that might help with your goal.
  7. The audio from the DCS meeting at VEW 2018 has been uploaded to our Google Drive folder. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading it. Paul
  8. Hi Everyone, The audio from our working group meeting is now available: Let me know if you have any trouble downloading it. Thanks, Paul
  9. Hi Everyone, The audio for our 2018 VEW meeting is now available: Let me know if you have any trouble downloading it. Thanks, Paul
  10. I apologize for the delay in posting these. Steve provided them several weeks ago and I thought I had already sent them out. I just realized my mistake this morni ng. 2018 VEE - LPDS Meeting Minutes - Final.pdf
  11. Thank you Thomas. This has been added to the agenda.
  12. Dear Colleagues, You can find the agenda for the LPDS Committee meeting at VEW 2018 posted here: If you have any topics you would like added to the agenda please reply to this post or send them to Daniel Simonetta or myself directly. Thanks!
  13. The synopsis would be very brief indeed. We have no such capability at the moment and without specifications it would be hard to predict what changes or additions would be necessary to support such a platform.
  14. I don't know how helpful or relevant it would be, but since we have hinted at TVC hosting the lens data at some point it might be helpful to start specifying how that system might work. It will at least enable us (TVC) to start examining our infrastructure to see what would be needed to support such a platform. Perhaps an open discussion around that?
  15. Dear Colleagues, You can find the agenda for our meeting at VEW 2018 posted here: If you have any topics you would like added to the agenda please reply to this post or send them to Robert Shanbaum or myself directly. Thanks!
  16. Hi Again, We have three days left in the poll. If you have not done so, now is the time to place your vote. Thanks, Paul
  17. Hi, I wanted to post a brief update. I've had some individuals email me some small changes privately so I wanted to keep the group informed. So far there have only been a few minor layout and grammatical changes. Nothing substantive. We're about half way through the voting period with a little over two weeks to go. If you haven't had a chance to peruse the document yet it will be greatly appreciated if you can find time to do so. Thanks, Paul
  18. Zeiss has sent a product data sample which has been uploaded to our Drive folder.
  19. until
    Data Communications Standard Meeting @ VEW
  20. until
    Lens Product Description Standard @ VEW
  21. until
    Lens Technical Committee Meeting @ VEW
  22. Dear Committee Members, Please find attached to this post the review draft of DCS 3.12. Please keep in mind that this document is a major refactor of the Word document from version 3.11 so it will not be possible to use Word’s comparison tool between the two documents. Instead I have left Track Changes on in this document which should show all of the substantive changes made between 3.11 and 3.12. After reviewing the document please indicate your vote in the poll. If you select “Approve w/ Comments” or “Disapprove w/ Comments” please be sure to either post your comments to this topic or send them directly to myself or Robert Shanbaum. This review will remain open until 8/8/18. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Best Regards, Paul DCS v3.12_NEW Working_15.docx
  23. Hi Everyone, Sebastien from Essilor has submitted their data sample using the new LPDS structure. I've copied it to our shared Google Drive folder:
  24. I'm fairly sure Signet is already doing it this way. If I recall correctly, they switched to a single OPC per design several years ago. There's no reason I can think of that a manufacturer must use multiple OPC's per design. I feel that is complete up to the manufacturer. I don't think anything in the standard forces a manufacturer to use left and right OPC's for freeform designs but perhaps I missed something.