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  1. Hi Haim, Those 3 numbers define the range of possible values for a variable reference point. The first number is the minimum, the second is the increments, and the third is the maximum. In your example for "ERNRUP": "-8:-2:-12", it means that the possible values for ERNRUP are -8, -10, and -12. Regards
  2. I am not sure if there is any lens analyzer that can verify the position of the MRP (fitting cross) from the blank center. For sure there are mappers that can verify the position of the lens power maps, which is a relative position to the engraving reference points. There is no standard for the possible shifts of the lens power map either, which could be horizontal, vertical and rotational.
  3. Do we have DCS labels for the inspection of PDs (Distance and Near)? I can't find them. If we don't I think that we should add INSIPD for Distance PD inspection and INSNPD for Near PD Inspection
  4. I would agree on using PIND for SLBP
  5. Here there is an example for 2 IOT products. One of them using collections of lens blanks provided by a different vendor.
  6. Hi there, I was trying to find the working sample that Stephen was editing during our last call yesterday. Is it in a Google Drive or somewhere that can be shared? I would like to use it to edits the samples that I was working on. Maybe we should have a shared Google Drive folder where to upload everything that we work on directly. It could be easier to follow up for any updates. Thanks
  7. I just edit the sharing options of the Google Drive link so anybody can view it. Anyway, just in case I am attaching the file here. LPDS Data Structure _ IOT example.docx
  8. Hi all, I have uploaded to Google Drive an examples of the LPDS Structure for several IOT products. It is in a word format to try to make it easier to edit and follow.
  9. I was wondering if after our last DCS meeting in Las Vegas in Sept 2017 we would have the Essilor and Zeiss proposals for LDPS lens catalogue available here in the forums so we can start the discussion from there.