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  1. Hi, Could you double-check the Data Type of the ENGLOC field for the next DCS? It should be literal; instead of literal Some of our customers does have jobs containing 2 different lens types for a single job (one lens SV, the other one PR FF) if the wearer just have an eye which needs a Rx lens for example. In that case, LTYPE=SV;PR FF HASENG=0;1 and ENGLOC needs to be ENGLOC=N;B
  2. Hi, Is there any possibility to correct following topics on the next DCS version? - There a 30 messages "Error! Reference source not found." on the current V2.12 pdf document - Tolerance records TOLADD, TOLCYL, TOLDIA,... on Table A.1a (page 143) should be IMHO integer values (0;1;9) and not (min|max;). The min|max; are for TOLVADD, TOLVCYL, TOLVDIA,... This tolerance table should be like on attached pic...
  3. SJO

    Proposed ARNAM label

    Hi, ACOAT will not give enough of information? ACOAT => text[;] => Applied coating
  4. Why is there no official tag which defines the radius of a curve top segment?