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  1. Hi, A small 'flaw' in my point of view is that the indicated page numbers does not correspond with the pdf page numbers. For example, the page where "1" is written on (FOREWORD) is page 4 of the pdf document.This is sometimes confusing when refferering a page to a colleague or customer. Point 5.12 POWER MAP DATASETS: We recently added the labels M/O/H for the fourth field ( We may need to add them in DCS 3.13 Standard => @Thomas Zangerle? I'm glad to see that my remarks about ENGLOC and TOLx/TOLVx have been accepted 🙂
  2. Hi, Could you double-check the Data Type of the ENGLOC field for the next DCS? It should be literal; instead of literal Some of our customers does have jobs containing 2 different lens types for a single job (one lens SV, the other one PR FF) if the wearer just have an eye which needs a Rx lens for example. In that case, LTYPE=SV;PR FF HASENG=0;1 and ENGLOC needs to be ENGLOC=N;B
  3. Hi, Is there any possibility to correct following topics on the next DCS version? - There a 30 messages "Error! Reference source not found." on the current V2.12 pdf document - Tolerance records TOLADD, TOLCYL, TOLDIA,... on Table A.1a (page 143) should be IMHO integer values (0;1;9) and not (min|max;). The min|max; are for TOLVADD, TOLVCYL, TOLVDIA,... This tolerance table should be like on attached pic...
  4. SJO

    Proposed ARNAM label

    Hi, ACOAT will not give enough of information? ACOAT => text[;] => Applied coating
  5. Why is there no official tag which defines the radius of a curve top segment?