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  1. Proposed ARNAM label

    ACOAT is not limited to just AR coatings; the particular device vendor asked for a way to see only A/R coatings, with the brand name.
  2. Proposed ARNAM label

    We have a need to retrieve the brand of AR coating from our LMS - the suggestion is to add a new chiral text label "ARNAM" which would be the name (or brand) of the AR coating. I thought I would ask for comments before proposing this in September. All comments, suggestions, etc., are welcome.
  3. Special Groove Rimless OMA File

    I would think GDEPTH and GWIDTH should be able to be specified anywhere in the file, following the REQ line, and respecting the TRCFMT/R block of data. If this frame is both a drill rimless and a groove frame, it could include drill point data as well. Would it be beneficial to have another ETYP which would indicate a frame has both drill and groove properties? (I wonder if all systems would recognize DRILLE data for a frame with ETYP=3, for example)?
  4. Handling of CRIBFMT and CRIB/ELLH

    In discussions with an LDS recently, a question around handling of CRIBFMT and CRIB/ELLH came up. The DCS standard does not explicitly indicate which should have precedence if both CRIBFMT and CRIB/ELLH are specified, nor does it explicitly state that both should not be specified in the same packet. In our case, if CRIBFMT is present, we suppress CRIB and ELLH because of issues in the past with equipment complaining if both CRIBFMT and CRIB/ELLH are specified. Question - should the standard say anything about precedence if both CRIBFMT and CRIB/ELLH are present, or, should there be any restriction on both CRIBFMT and CRIB/ELLH being present in the same packet?