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    Hi, The results from the Power Map Datasets (5.12) and the Design Deviation Datasets (5.14) depend on the way the values have been calculated: - according to the permanent engravings; or - after repositioning according to the design, avoiding the errors due to the error on the reference engraving positions. You will find in the attached file a proposal for providing the information (‘DBP’- Design Based Positioning - applied or not). Unfortunately, the best way to add such optional field for providing this information is not clear to me. See you at VEE! Christian DCS Proposal - PMF and DDF without and with Design Based Positioning correction 2018-3-12.pdf
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    Hi, in the attached file, you will find a proposal for defining the PRP and lens frame position for backside engraved lenses. This is the expected step after the introduction of the reference coordinate systems for backside and frontside engraved lenses in the DCS 3.11 (5.2.2 and 5.2.3). Looking forwards to meeting you at VEE, Christian Laurent DCS Proposal - PRP and lens frame definition for backside engravings 2018-3-12.pdf
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    Dear Committee Members, Please find attached to this post the review draft of DCS 3.12. Please keep in mind that this document is a major refactor of the Word document from version 3.11 so it will not be possible to use Word’s comparison tool between the two documents. Instead I have left Track Changes on in this document which should show all of the substantive changes made between 3.11 and 3.12. After reviewing the document please indicate your vote in the poll. If you select “Approve w/ Comments” or “Disapprove w/ Comments” please be sure to either post your comments to this topic or send them directly to myself or Robert Shanbaum. This review will remain open until 8/8/18. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Best Regards, Paul DCS v3.12_NEW Working_15.docx
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    Very interesting question Daniel. I can tell you that we are a member driven company and work on behalf of our members. We took the first step 1.5 years ago with hiring Paul. Paul's IT expertise has been a valuable asset to us even in the short time he has been here. We are currently taking steps to hire a Director of IT. A person that can help steer us in the right direction and not just support our current systems. Once this is done and then through our committee / members voices, inform that person of our needs, get by off from the board for the needed expenditures, we should be able to meet these requirements. I hope this helps clear the muddy water we are wading in? (pun intended)